A quarterback that wears crimson and cream who's home state is New Mexico. If your team is playing against him, he is the best player on your team.
When the Huskers were playing the Sooners, Oklahoma's quarterback thew 5 interceptions he was such a Cranberry Jones.
by CLS Husker February 08, 2010
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The time of the month when a woman has her menstruation and mood swings.

Origin: Swedish, Informal, "Lingon vecka", exact translation: "mountain cranberry/lingonberry week". Simplified to only "Cranberry week".
"I avoid my gf when it's her (...she is having) cranberry week."
by Vojtech Sedlak December 28, 2007
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-juice made out of cranberries and is available at grocery stores and bars.
-(customer) "cranberry juice"
-(bartender)...nods and gives customer his drink
-(other customer)"cranberry juice, my girlfriend drinks it when shes having her period.......are you having your period?"
-(customer)........(waits about 3 seconds)
by The Myyyuuuhh Guy May 11, 2009
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Sprite cranberry is a flavor of sprite that tastes like cranberry. Appeared in an ad with LeBron James and DRAM. Some say the Sprite Cranberry came down from the heavens. Only people who can harness its power can drink it.
by Spritecranberry November 27, 2018
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When a man puts his testicles on a woman's vagina whilst she is on her period.
That chick is hella kinky, she was on her period, so I gave her a cranberry farmer.
by Propaganda78 December 11, 2009
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