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having sexual intercourse with a female while she is
on her menstrual cycle.
Hey bro, you remember that girl from last night's party? I totally cranberried her last night!
by Twatts February 01, 2010
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To turn in your 2 weeks notice like a civilized human being only to me terminated on the spot for imagined, undocumented, or otherwise made up reasons by an immature, inexperienced, or otherwise unqualified HR person so they can assert themselves as "in charge" of the situation when in all reality they are a paper tiger that only does what they are told even when they know that it is both blatantly wrong and occasionally illegal.
american english / slang / adverb - usage - to be cranberried, or damn, you got cranberried? Thats sucks.

Its origins come from the nickname (Cranberry) of the first person to have been Blatantly Cranberried. After his swift dismissal when he turned in his two week notice, other employees began to realize that turning in two weeks was an immediate "do not pass go, do not collect $200" and meant that you needed to clean out your desk before you did so. Hence the term was born.
by CLismy2ndjob July 24, 2009
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