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Name relating to the late Dolores O'Riordan , former lead singer from the pop-rock band The Cranberries . Cranberrying is generally when a public figure or person of note passes away. All of a sudden "friends" and "fans" come out of the woodwork to mourn the death of this person they never mentioned they were a fan of prior to their death.
Oh for gods sake...Aimee, who never once mentioned David Bowie in the 13 years I knew her is suddenly painted up like Aladin Sane with Bowies discography on loop for the past week. Total Cranberrying!

Have you seen the Cranberrying all over social media this week? Everyone is all of a sudden Anthony Bourdains biggest fan!
by Mystic Orange Peel December 04, 2018
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1 To cram something with berries.
2 To spread cramberries over something or someone for improvement or ones self satisfaction.
Dude 1: Dude, get cranberrying that turkey, the family is coming for christmas dinner tonight...
Dude 2: What dude???You mean it's christmas already???
by Manic056 October 01, 2006
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