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To run like hell. British slang
"Blur when you hear the sirens coming. i can hear the sirens coming"
by moriya2k2 November 02, 2008

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To beat savagely.
"Stop talking or I'll Re-Accomodate you"

"Keep messing with me, and I promise you will be Re-Accomodated"

"Walk away now, before I Re-Accomodate your face"
by moriya2k2 April 10, 2017

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a cliche character class found in any 2d fighting game. easy for anyone to pick up. usually consists of QCB kick, QCF punch,and forward down forward punch.
example of Shotokans:
-Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter
-Kyo and Iori from King of Fighters
-Ky and Sol for Guilty Gear
by moriya2k2 August 01, 2008

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