The most amazeing guy you will never know.
person 1- i dont get him
person 2- yep thats alex james for ya
by penutbutterjellyfish December 8, 2010
The sexiest man alive,sadly a tory,leg eater (dumbass),and cheesemaker/bassist of the amazing band blur.
Jake:why won't you love me babe???
you:sorry ,I'm in love with a middle-aged british cheesemaker,and you're definitely not my type of man (aged and british)

alex james (needed to put it here)
by Britpop Girl January 9, 2022
Bass guitarist for the British band Blur, who is currently residing in the country as a farmer and cheese maker. Aside from Blur, he has also been in WigWam and Fat Les, and has worked with Sophie Ellis-Bextor. He also writes for The Guardian, and does TV work.
Who is the bass player for Blur?
I think it's Alex James.
Oh. My dad thinks he's a bit of a tosser.
by B.O.B.P September 4, 2009
As a human he is extraordinarily small, but as a grape he is rather large. unfortunately he's a person and is classed as small. an Alex James is most likely got curly hair and is an Australian, he also likes to set people and other things on fire.

----------------------BEWHERAR THE ALEX JAMES----------------------
OH whos set you on fire
it was an Alex James
by The Grand Inquisitor of Life October 4, 2021
Alex James Syndrome: occurs once select patient is put in social circle he/she is comfortable with and transforms into a massive egoist/ cheese enthusiast
"Wow he's cocky"

"I know must be Alex James Syndrome"
by BlurCunt July 2, 2017
Alex Dylan James Anderson's are sarcastic creatures only found in dark areas of caves, when found you may find that they are holding a gaming console and in rare cases you may find them holding a Dungeons and Dragons box if you happen to come across them holding such rare item I highly recommend that you run away as fast and as quietly as you can as they have a habit of persuading people to play a "quick" game when in reality it will last for weeks.
Person 1 " I saw an Alex Dylan James Anderson holding a D&D box last weekend"
Person 2" No way man, hope you didn't get to close I heard they are very good at persuading"
by An sarcastic human February 2, 2020