A fat drunk obnoxious disgusting mooch who will eat anything as long as it's free.
Hey look dude, "Blob" just ate a bunch of frozen hotdogs, moldy bread and then puked on your new chair.
by Crapcake August 30, 2006
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To be extremely drunk, heavily intoxicated, hammered, shitfaced, blitzed, inebriated, wasted, smashed, blasted, etc.
Jamal: hey, what are you doing tonight?
Ray: I'm going to the bar & getting completely blobbed.
Jamal: awesome, can I get blobbed with you?
by Fard23 February 15, 2013
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an X-Men villain...a gigantic moving fat guy with strange hair.
by Nothing Moves the Blob January 18, 2005
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jonny : yeah I did bang her
Steve : did you use a blob?
by mr X March 27, 2005
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Wearing the same color top as you are pant.
I grabbed a black t-shirt and black sweatpants to wear to bed and Stephanie told me I was blobbing.
by Nowskilicious November 7, 2011
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I have to get a blob for this party because all the hot girls are rejecting me.
by Asjsjsj December 13, 2016
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1. to inject silicone, saline, or air into one's penis.

2. to create collages and nonspecific art pieces involving pictures of silicone, saline, or air injected penises.

1. the male genitalia itself post silicone, saline, or air injection.
1. "I'm going to blob myself tonight after dinner up in my room."
2. "I blobbed on my computer last night 'til the sun came up."

1. "Did you see the size of that guy's blob?"
by H_steele March 7, 2010
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