To be not only sitting on your bed, but to actually be horizontal and under the covers, prepared for sleep.
"I know you're sitting on your bed, but are you in bed bed bed?"
by G. Thomas August 9, 2006
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A bed is a miniature gravity well designed to trap unsuspecting victims in a warm, fluffy prison, from which there is no escape.
I should really do my homework.
And my chores.
And my job.
And eat.

...But I just can't lift myself out of bed!!
by MatsumotoMania December 5, 2013
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mum: get out of bed
me: no
by wins April 14, 2011
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when you think "no", "I'm going to bed"

This can also be related to sleeping with someone, usually as a woman due to the object-like reference to it
Mate : You out tonight?

You: Nah I'm bedding it


Mate: You out tonight?

You: Nah I'm bedding it
by Persiflage X June 27, 2010
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yo man the word bed looks like a bed, look the 'b'is the headboard.
by insideout hamster December 30, 2010
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a matress on a stand or on the floor (lol) that has a blanket and pillows on it and u got to sleep on it coz sleep is so good
im gonna go hit the sac... then im gonna go to bed ;)
by flash August 1, 2004
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Phrase used after reading a fortune cookie. Helpful when wanting to get laid.
"You have very good skills and exceptional talents" in bed.
by Benho July 7, 2004
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