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im amazed at how the author of this definition spends his/her time slating other peoples defititions (or lack of), only to offer their OPINION on this band (who no-one has heard of) as a FACT. are a twat.
OPINION...ABH are good.
"In my opinion, ABH are great.but i know, if we were to apply scientific rigour to this theory,we would quickly realise that it is utter bullshit.And all my opinions thereafter should be considered WRONG!"
by phil k April 24, 2005
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the best band ever. made up of Dan Higby, Brian Squillace and Matthew Brame, they kick the shit out of any band out there. if you're in a band...kill yourself, cuz abh is better.
Dude! Did you hear about that fag in that terrible band that killed himself because Anywhere But Here is better than his band?!
by tub girl ass eater March 28, 2005
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A parody of the official Yeshiva University motto "Nowhere But Here." Anywhere But Here is much more useful on a daily basis and an accurate description of students' sentiments at times.
Person 1: Yeshiva University freaked out because someone said "sex"
Person 2: Not again! Anywhere But Here!


Person 1: Everything is perfect at Yeshiva University. Where else can you get a secular and Jewish college education. Nowhere But Here!
Person 2: You must work for admissions. This place has a lot of work to do. Anywhere But Here!
by rainbowunicorn unite December 24, 2013
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