Welcome to Astoria. An N ride 5 stops from Manhattan. If you live here and you talk to somebody else who's not from Astoria, the first question you will automatically hear is "Are you Greek?". If you're a white kid, you went to McClancy or some other Catholic School, if you're not you went to LIC or Bryant. You know about Ravenswood and Queensbridge. And you realize that the streets closest to the East River are fucked up.
But Astoria is still the greatest
by A. S. June 18, 2006
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An area on the western side of Queens, New York City. Your only zone schools are LIC and Bryant High school. One of the most diverse neighborhoods with almost every ethnicity possible. You know about Astoria projects, Ravenswood And Queensbridge. HAs many beautiful places such as Astoria Park which is the place to be during the summer. Crazy nightlife, teenage drinking and a hookah bar on every block, Astoria is one of the places to be.
We out to Astoria later or what?
by aqszfinest January 31, 2009
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A town on the northern coast of Oregon that has nothing but old people, hippies, and rednecks. Is a tourist destination in the summer (the whole 2 days worth it gets a year), where the Goonies and some other movie scenes were filmed. Has a boring nightlife, and is about 90 miles north-west of Portland. Gets about 330 days of rain a year. Has a play thats run for 24+ years called Shanghaied in Astoria.
Damn, I wouldn't be caught dead living in Astoria.
by Honeybuns0903 September 14, 2008
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A small coastal town in Oregon. Many movies have been shot there including Kindergarten Cop and The Goonies.
You want to go see the house from The Goonies?

Sure, it's right in Astoria.
by duckpuzzle September 10, 2008
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An album released by a famous Canadian Rock Band called 'Marianas Trench'. It was released on October 23, 2015. It was mostly inspired by 1980s fantasy and adventure films and the 1985 movie, 'The Goonies'.
James bought the Astoria album last week. It was the best!
by KahFeccino February 21, 2016
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1. A community on the western edge of Queens in New York City, notorious for its Arab and Greek population, pretentious, low-quality eating establishments, and dirty, overcrowded and overpriced cafes where the youth gathers nightly to drink their lives away.

2. A Medievalesque town in western Queens which lacks only the proverbial walled fortress to complete its backwards image.
Venturing out into the city would mean encountering new and interesting people. So instead, let's all go down to Astoria and chill in Remy and Athens...
by Albert Miaskovsky May 5, 2004
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A shitty dreary inbred town on the oregon coast where it rains 10 months out of the year. People trudge around in muck boots and rain gear depressed as fuck because they never see the sun shine. On the flip side the sea food is cheap and abundant and there's lots of pot dispensaries..
"Hey man wanna go to Astoria for the weekend and hit the beach?"

" No way fuck that place the rain never stops and the locals don't believe in deodorant!"
by springerflinger November 9, 2017
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