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Welcome to Astoria. An N ride 5 stops from Manhattan. If you live here and you talk to somebody else who's not from Astoria, the first question you will automatically hear is "Are you Greek?". If you're a white kid, you went to McClancy or some other Catholic School, if you're not you went to LIC or Bryant. You know about Ravenswood and Queensbridge. And you realize that the streets closest to the East River are fucked up.
But Astoria is still the greatest
by A. S. June 18, 2006
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An area on the western side of Queens, New York City. Your only zone schools are LIC and Bryant High school. One of the most diverse neighborhoods with almost every ethnicity possible. You know about Astoria projects, Ravenswood And Queensbridge. HAs many beautiful places such as Astoria Park which is the place to be during the summer. Crazy nightlife, teenage drinking and a hookah bar on every block, Astoria is one of the places to be.
We out to Astoria later or what?
by aqszfinest January 31, 2009
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A neighborhood on the western end of Queens, New York. Renowned for its large Greek immigrant population, Astoria is also a traditional Italian stronghold. More recently, the area has become a gloriously polyglot mixture of almost every identifiable ethnic group on the planet while also providing residence for large numbers of white middle-class twenty- and thirtysomethings from the rest of the United States. Currently favored for its relatively low rents, relatively low crime rates, European-style cafe culture, and phenomenal variety of ethnic restaurants and grocers. Shows a pleasant tendency to be immune to the average wave of mall-culture gentrification; Starbucks and the Gap may be present, but not in a way that overwhelms the whole situation. On the other hand, the subway situation is marginal at best and often infuriating.
Average person on 30th avenue: God, what am I going to have for dinner? Pizza, Chinese, something at a cafe, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Thai, Brazilian, five pints of Guinness, something from that Latin place, a burger, vegetarian...if only the kitchen in my apartment wasn't so useless.

Resident watching hordes of Italians hanging out of cars, waving flags, screaming, laughing, dancing, screwing in the streets: I guess the World Cup final is over.

Upper West Side resident visiting Astoria-based friend: Your rent is HOW MUCH?!?!?

Resident heading back home after a show at the Mercury Lounge: Friggin' impossible stupid N train....

Resident headed to work on a random morning: Friggin' impossible stupid N and W trains....
by Patrick from Astoria February 24, 2007
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An extravagant neighborhood filled with italians greeks. known for its great city like nightlife astoria is the Mecca of teen age drinking as well as parties for the under 21 crowd. a great place to live.
An example of Astoria would be the Great City of Rome during the reign of the Roman Empire.
by rich brooks April 20, 2006
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A town on the northern coast of Oregon that has nothing but old people, hippies, and rednecks. Is a tourist destination in the summer (the whole 2 days worth it gets a year), where the Goonies and some other movie scenes were filmed. Has a boring nightlife, and is about 90 miles north-west of Portland. Gets about 330 days of rain a year. Has a play thats run for 24+ years called Shanghaied in Astoria.
Damn, I wouldn't be caught dead living in Astoria.
by Honeybuns0903 September 13, 2008
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A small coastal town in Oregon. Many movies have been shot there including Kindergarten Cop and The Goonies.
You want to go see the house from The Goonies?

Sure, it's right in Astoria.
by duckpuzzle September 10, 2008
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An album released by a famous Canadian Rock Band called 'Marianas Trench'. It was released on October 23, 2015. It was mostly inspired by 1980s fantasy and adventure films and the 1985 movie, 'The Goonies'.
James bought the Astoria album last week. It was the best!
by KahFeccino September 05, 2016
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