Fat fuck that has cancer and laughs at poor kids even tho he is ugly as fuck
Albert is Cancer
Cancer is Albert
by BigNegro42069 May 25, 2020
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A sexy boy with a penis (bulbul) larger then African Americans.He is known to be a wanksta but lovable anyways.He can last up to three hours in bed and make you orgasm in a matter of seconds.If you dont know an Albert then commit suicide.
OMG it's Albert lets sexually invade him.
by a-y wanksta October 26, 2011
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xd chill buster yo tengo felipe epic from epic games yesss queen still chill woah this guy just got tons of robux YOINK yeet
albert are do have the best youtuber? yes the are do hmm are the have big roux. little robux you haha.
by KodeEpic November 13, 2019
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Alberte is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet.
If you get yourself an alberte don’t ever let her go!

She’s very talented and can dance very well! She probably know all the moves in the “best song ever” music video!
She will have a lot of success when she’s older! And there’s a big chance that she will be a millionaire in the future!

If you have a friend named Alberte, she will no doubt buy you all the things you want!
BUT DONT USE HER! You will regret it!
Because Alberte is also really strong and likes to fight! She’s trustworthy, but only keep her closets friends secrets, and that’s her only downfall!
“Yo who’s that girl dancing like that?! She’s incredibly beautiful! She must be an Alberte!”

Holy shit, who is she fighting?! That girl must be unlucky!”
by Oneditectionfannn May 15, 2020
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His mum is big gay
His day is big gay
He is big gay squared

- Abraham Lincoln
John:Bro ur such a Albert

Albert:Frick off
by Drag3nz November 13, 2018
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