The sweetest most amazing guy you will ever meet. Makes me laugh so hard that I cry and makes me happy whenever I am sad . Doesn't realize how awesome he is to me. The love of my life.
Cole is the best guy ever.
by swagz October 23, 2013
cole is a complete asshole. he may seem shy and endearing at first but his true colors will come out.
cole is an ass
by rat turd lol July 7, 2020
Cole is the guy I've been friendzoning for almost 3 years.

Cole got that big dick tho whipping it around that anime pussy. Cole is secretly into BDSM but would never admit it. He like them short ladies with Blonde hair with Blue eyes. He be slapping that ass without permission though. Cole is a good friend, tho he be whipping that 50 foot dick in your face when he wanna fuck. Cole be the best bestie ever with that damn diddly darn bowlcut you made him cut because he looked like the fucking toad from Mario. Cole will always have your back, litterally, he will be holding your back while pounding that sweet pussy from behind. You can thank Cole for your autism because you get it just from meeting him.

Love you bro no homo
Damn Cole got that dick in mah anime tiddies yo
by Rusty Rapist April 25, 2019
The best boyfriend any girl could ever ask for! He has the most amazing green eyes. He'll give you butterflies when he says your name, make your heart stop when he grabs for your hand, and make your head spin around with even the slighest kiss. Of course, he can have quite a temper. But with a soft kiss on the cheek, he'll forget he was ever even mad. He's perfect in every way possible. But sorry girls. He's already taken. <3
by Lakinkin<3 July 1, 2011
Cole I know that sometimes you go on here but I wanted to say it anyways. I have had a crush on you ever since I've actually met you. You are an amazing guy! I know that you will probably figure out who this is but I really don't care anymore. You are a great guy and I really wish that we were dating. You would be an amazing boyfriend and no matter what I still want to have out friendship. Cole, you have been a great friend the last 6 months. Whoever your girlfriend is she is going to have a wonderful man in Her life. I love you Cole with all my heart. No one will ever stand in the way. I really hope you don't know who this is. Even if you do don't let it ruin our friendship. I LOVE YOU!
by baybayquayquay December 4, 2014