The best guy in the world. I love him more than anything, anyone, everything, and everyone. He makes me feel beautiful with no make-up on, sweatpants around my waist, and my hair up all messy. He's got an amazing smile, and eyes you could get lost in. Cole is the most adorable man I've ever laid eyes on. He's the one for me. The man i'm gonna marry. I know he'll always be there for me, i know he'll never let me go. Over all, he's just an amazing boyfriend.
I love you, Cole; with all my heart and more<3(:
by Cole's Angel<3 May 17, 2011
Cole got hit in football and started crying
by YEET882288 September 17, 2019
Cole is......
by Aahaes May 29, 2019
Cole is an absolute dick , he does not know how to treat soemone and the only thing he cares about is money and coke , he is one of the ugliest boys you will ever meet and isn’t capable of growing a nice beard , he is known for being a twat but karmas a bitch and wil cry if you break him , he is not loved by anyone and tbh I don’t blame them he is the definition of a wet wipe. He is a materialistic , drug addicted cotton headed ninny muggins. No one likes him or his purple .....
I ran you over with a bike I’m such a cole
by The real Peter Andre November 6, 2018
Sexy, hot, nice, funny, respectfull and easy to making friends,

if you ever have a chance to have A "cole" as a Partner in life, take the chance, mostly dosen't care if you tell somthing personal, even about them.
very nice and sticks with one partner (BF or GF). very nice and intelligent, can be a jerk but will turn that around and make your day,

gives good advice... AND VERY STRONG
Female: "Wow 'cole' is SO nice, i want him!"

Female: "Cole's being a jerk, but i don't think he wants to.."

by urbanman1235 May 12, 2013