A thing that is lard, dumb, no recognizable gender (probably an alien) and is similar to any skin tag in any spot.
That guy crapped himself, what a cole;)
by That thiccboi February 26, 2019
cole is a low life loser who never gets anything done. he is the biggest faggot of all time, he is also secretly a ninja.
Dude: "that guy cole is an asshole... he's also probably a ninja"
Other dude: "yes"
by Ethan Zipstein December 1, 2019
The boy who makes me want to wake up in the morning. The boy who puts a smile on my face no matter what. The boy who makes me cry from laughing so hard. The boy who makes me fall over and over again. The boy who makes me believe in love. The boy who makes me feel beautiful with no make up on. He's the boy who will always catch you when you fall. He's your prince charming. He's your refreshing beginning and fairytale end. Once you meet Cole, you'll never go back to any other boy.
Person 1, "Guess what?"

Person 2, "I'm dating a Cole!"

Person 1, " Lucky!"
by ShhhIt'sASecret August 10, 2010
loves to sniff dust and mistakes his fingers for carrots
look at that moron

haha must be a cole
by evanjiline yates February 23, 2019
A really white kid that is most likely obsessed with his cats.
That guy probably licks his cat back

Yeah, he's a real Cole
by NiggaSandwichWithcheese October 28, 2016
a very gay little boy who makes awful jokes and who you CANNOT stand
by ssummers03 April 15, 2019
Some fucking faggot who has some long ass fingers that he probably makes his own cheeks clap with every night and also has an attention span of 2 seconds maximum no matter how urgent the subject is.
Bruh, look at that faggot Cole.

Yo Cole, you wa- where the fuck are you going?
by R1PP3R420 September 8, 2019