A usually oddly looking, bowl-shaped haircut.

Also known as a "SteveAllRPG" or "Steven B." in some parts of the internet.
"Hey guys, check out my sexy bowlcut!

by Morriam Wubster November 11, 2003
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the haircut little johnny in elp has, often uncombed and looks rather nasty...also one who is secretly made fun of
by Dan Varney October 28, 2003
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Out of style haircut. The rediculous looking hair cut that is cut in the shape of a bowl. The back and sides are buzzed and underneath with the top long, hanging down to the ears, cut in the shape of a bowl.
Place a bowl on your head and cut around it. The bowlcut is very common for institutionalized people. Governments find this a cheaper haircut so it saves them money when taking care of the criminally insane. Bowls are cheap and to save money when taking care of mentally handicapped people or criminally insane they find a bowl and a pair of scissors cheap. Bowlcut.
by A guy that knows stuff June 24, 2011
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When you put a bowl on the top of head and cut everything underneath it.You probably gonna get bullied for having a bowlcut and acne
Hey why do you have a bowlcut?
by Lilskies98 May 21, 2019
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A poorly chosen hairstyle in which the stylist puts a bowl on top of the head and cuts around it. Popularized by the infamous e-gangster, Sabon.
"Hey guys, check out my sick bowlcut!"


by Vainer December 9, 2008
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a very dapper haircut as modelled by Spider Webb (Rhys Webb) in the early horror years.
by sianysunshine. September 10, 2009
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