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A usually oddly looking, bowl-shaped haircut.

Also known as a "SteveAllRPG" or "Steven B." in some parts of the internet.
"Hey guys, check out my sexy bowlcut!

by Morriam Wubster November 11, 2003
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Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
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When you put a bowl on the top of head and cut everything underneath it. A good example of this is Mo from the 3 Stooges. Usually kids you have this cut get made fun of.
Mo from the 3 Stooges, Dennis Althoff who resides in Greenville, SC who just moved there from Winston Salem and has a bowl-cut.
by david greene September 29, 2006
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the haircut little johnny in elp has, often uncombed and looks rather nasty...also one who is secretly made fun of
by Dan Varney October 28, 2003
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The rediculous looking hair cut that is cut in the shape of a bowl. The back and sides are buzzed and underneath with the top long, hanging down to the ears, cut in the shape of a bowl. Also looks like the shape of someone's penis, or can refer to the relevance of a page boy.
Lookit that boy's bowl cut, it looks like somebody put a bowl on his head and shaved around it.
by Robbbbbbbbbbbbbb June 07, 2006
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The lowest form of human existance
"Hey did you hear that Kaite Heir was paying out on Mchugh for his bowl cut, he is so pathetic now."
by michael kulig February 04, 2008
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