13 definitions by jak

A word made up in french class.
Where you use your arms to immitate an alligator and make weird french-accent sounding noises.
me - WTF is an armigator
by jak May 1, 2004
a replacment word for "shit". Originated in New York and brought to rhode island and Massachussetts by dj killa k.
i got so much yit to do

thats the yit

I got a yit load of work to do
by jak December 25, 2003
shifty, schemeing person that will do whatever they need to to escape whatever they fear in the moment
Listin up you little fucass weasel, if you lie to me again -- you are just gettin' yosef' another slap
by jak February 14, 2003
Gloustershire (UK) word for a pound see quid
"That'll be 30 bar mush."
by jak July 17, 2003
I had a bowl of chili for dinner last night, and the trumpet fish are running wild this morning.
by jak December 27, 2002
A phrase often randomly called out during silent sessions, such as within a class or a library.
Also used to respond to anyone who calls to you.
Heck, its just a bloody random phrase, use it anywhere, anytime.
1.In a library:"Why, hello John!"

2.Person 1: "Excuse me, sir?"
Person 2: "Hello John."
by jak January 27, 2004
sum1 with a huge nose / sum1 hu is a just a wanka and u dnt like atall
alex : jesus my sister is a cocknose
jak : indeed she has a huge nose
by jak April 1, 2005