1. One who can go longer than Chuck Norris in bed and is better than Ken Jennings at trivia.

2. One whos cell phone goes off with a embarassing ringtone in the middle school. Twice.

3. one who has argued for a canidate every chance they can. then the canidate quits.
"Aw man, i just pulled a thatcher in class. that is the last time i turn on my phone in class."
by Justin Harmon February 15, 2008
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n. Person who promulgates divisive political theories.

by gnostic 1 April 9, 2013
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A type of male who thinks he can do anything but he cant.
John: I can beat youin the hitting category of pitch, hit, and run.
Biz: stfu you cant. Youre such a thatcher
by Bizzyboii May 10, 2016
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one known for liking cock in throat/ass and has a very small penis that is the most annoying fuck stick in the galaxy of faggots
jack: "Holy Fuck, it's a Thatcher!"

Sally: "His penis is so microscopic!"

Luis: "Is Thatcher that douche bag who gave Ben Aflec a BJ?"
by John Stammos March 16, 2009
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To be forcefully bent over and fucked from behind, as Maggie Thatcher did to the British working class. May be used instead of the word fucked/fuck.
"Was 'avin a game of poker with John at the pub the other night, got Thatchered over and lost fifty quid."
"Well, why don't you just go and Thatcher yourself?"
by bumfcloud November 25, 2013
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When a woman in a conversation dominated by men, seems to be topping the men in violent rhetoric in what could be interpreted as an attempt to establish her strength and evidence of her ability/willingness to be as violent as she perceives masculine/strong leadership to be or as she believes it should be...in a similar fashion to Margaret Thatcher.
Wow, Carly Fiorina Thatchered hard last night.
by nashfriend September 17, 2015
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