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The intensely pleasurable feeling a doomsayer gets when saying "I told you so," often accompanied by a long rant pontificated with various enthusiastic gesticulations.
Doomsayer: Hahahahaha I told you the economy would crash!
Random Acquaintance: Woah, dude, don't have an I-told-you-sorgasm.
by Planeswalker_ November 19, 2008
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fucked over by puke in some way, whether it be as a result of alcohol consumption or pathological affliction--can refer either to the state of continual vomiting or the mess produced by such vomiting
A) Yo what's up man?
B) *vomits on self noisily*
A) Wow you're totally pukefucked.

A) Dude where were you today?
B) Bent over pukefucked--I never left the bathroom.
by Planeswalker_ September 24, 2008
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The most sincere expression of sympathy that remains in modern spoken idiom.
Person A: My mom just died of cancer, and I've been diagnosed with leukemia.
Person B: Wow, that sucks.
by Planeswalker_ May 25, 2009
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A discreet way of referring to various sexual acts, often used by women. It certainly refers to more than a quick kiss, but can denote anything from a cloths-on make-out session to full-blown intercourse. The lack of explicit detail is intentional on the part of the user of the phrase.
Girl: "Well, Jim and I ended up sharing a sleeping bag on that camping trip, and stuff happened. Now we're dating."
by Planeswalker_ February 16, 2012
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Ownage of apocalyptic proportions.
Person A: OMG that huge fucking meteor's gonna pwn the earth!
Person B: Ya dude gonna be total apocalownage.
Person A: So how'd you do on that exam?
Person B: I raped it man, was epic apocalownage!
by Planeswalker_ April 12, 2009
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The collapse of BBM, and rise of the I-phone, caused RIM's stock to skyplummet.
by Planeswalker_ January 4, 2012
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