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In an email, IM, IRC, SMS, or MUD exchange, temporarily unable to write, as through astonishment.

Compare to speechless in spoken language.
A: Remember that sick panda at the zoo?
B: Yeah.
A: She died.
B: ...I'm textless.
by Lingrad July 14, 2005
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When someone text you a very awkward and creepy message... Like speechless
Worker 1: Girl, my boss is so hip! He texts me with a winky emoji like, ;)

Worker 2: Omg, what a creep! If my boss would ever text me with just a winky emoji? Id be totally creeped out and will leave me textless.

Girl: aww, you're so cute! I love guys who love animals!

Boy: :)

Girl: *textless*
by Mekaekae May 27, 2015
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1 textless- deliberately silent. as in those who suffer a textural aposiopesis..."often brought on in chat rooms by the text of the mindless.

2 To be struck textless - to suffer writers block or to be under the curse of Wen Ti {the Chinese god of literature, whose chief heavenly task is to keep a log of men of letters so that he can mete out rewards and punishments to each.}

3 textless is to words what clueless is to thought
It is only the event of text chat and email that has prevented the westen world from becomng a textless enviroment.
by David Priestley January 13, 2006
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Unable to send/receive/process text messages. Used in reference to a cell phone.
Bob had one of those old early '90 phones and therefore he was textless.
by GRich108 January 12, 2006
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A form of momentary ability to text someone back after reading either the most amazing, or most disturbing thing you've ever read. The texting from of speechless.
A: Bro, I swear! I got 25 killstreak and tactical nuke in CoD last night!


A: Bro, r u textless?

by Dr. Txtless June 26, 2010
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A neo-definition of "voice mail."
My eyes hurt from so much screen time, send me a textless.
by A.J. Junior January 11, 2006
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