when you build structurally questionable buildings and unreliable solutions to problems but you're an engineer so everyone has no choice but to trust that your methods won't fuck up
Person 1: "Are you sure it's okay to balance a forklift on a forklift to reach that shelf?"
Person 2: "Trust me, I'm an engineer!"
by ekim004 April 19, 2016
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AI quote from Call of Duty, used by teammate characters in multiplayer games. This is ridiculous being that it takes 2 seconds to reload, and if you use Sleight of Hand, you will be done reloading before your character finishes asking for cover.
Man that noob is SPRAYING with the UMP

Task Force 141 - "Cover me I'm reloading"
by PowerPlayGoal February 09, 2010
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"Trust me, i'm an engineer!"

Is a phrase meaning that someone is inexperienced or lacking in a skill and yet is pretending to know what their doing.

Such as stating that they are more knowledgeable or experienced than they actually are. It can also be used in the context of a recent particularly stupid event happening such as someone doing something stupid and cascading into an internet compilation worthy grand failure. The phrase was popularized by a video on YouTube called "Trust me, i'm an engineer !" posted in 2012 by a channel currently called, "TheVilkaz".

or just an engineer in tf2 who has no idea what hes doing but its really just the same concept
"Trust me, i'm an engineer!"
"Don't worry, trust me, im an engineer!"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten July 09, 2020
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A phrase often uttered by amateur bartenders who don't know what the hell they're doing, in order to gain the trust of a customer who doesn't know what they really want.
Customer: How do you know this drink will be good?

bartender: Trust me, I'm a mixologist.
by t3vin24 April 07, 2017
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Stereotypes include but are not limited to: Drunks or being drunk, bar-brawling/brawlers, leprachuans and unsophisticated twats.

It's also the perfect Shut the fuck up/stfu sentence to some leprachuan-chasers.
"The Irish have always been victims of terrible stereotypes- that we're drunks and bar brawlers.
It makes me so mad i'm gonna get drunk and punch someone"- The Black Donnellys NBC

Guy1: hey hey- can you get me a four leaf clover?
Irish Guy: Stereotype me, I'm irish.
Guy1: Wtf?

by Cillian S October 14, 2007
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When we speak about rap, it's not only music but it's art. When you have a rapper that provokes thought, then that's rap at its purest form. Rap is not only a self expressive version of poetry, but its life. 2Pac was the greatest rapper ever to walk this earth. He was so influential in all walks of life. Most of all, "he planted seeds in they heads that sparked flames" RIP greatness. Think a little it won't hurt!
"Somebody wake me I'm dreamin, I started as a seed the semen Swimmin upstream, planted in the womb while screamin
on the top, was my pops, my momma screamin stop
From a single drop, this is what they got"
by Cali-O March 24, 2006
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