Too eager to type- when a fool messes up their typing sequence because thye are in a rush or not paying attnetion to the screen.
Karen says (8:13 PM):
apparetnyl its treu about him...

Colin says (8:14 PM):
Nice TETT's Karen.
by eirkurP July 24, 2009
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Comes from Asker and Baerum in Norway.
You use it to describe something that is way cool
Norwegian: Det var en tett bil
English: That was a cool car
by Decepe April 2, 2005
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Often gets confused with tits or teets
Teacher-"Hey, Marissa Tits come here now!"
by Makeanothername December 12, 2010
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Livet handler om to tette og ei badehette. Mange vil si det er selve meninga med livet.
Philosophical dude: Hey man, I often wonder what the meaning of this life is.
Orcacel: Let me enlighten you, it's to tette og ei badehette.
by Elektroblaster2000 March 3, 2018
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