You really think that shit would work? Dumbass, it doesn't. Who even believes in vampires?
"only real vampires can pass this test (tiktok)"
"hah, that shit aint gonna work"
by Yourskoliosexualqueen December 3, 2021
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The act of or concerning the need to pass a urine examination to see if it has illicit chemicals from previous engagements.
"I'm going to be passing a test soon to get this new job, hopefully."
"I'll piss in dat cup for chu son!"
passing a test
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In other words, you farted out da vaporous by-products of da experimental medicine dat was administered to you.
I took a big swallow of da newly-invented elixir dat da hippie-medicine guru gave me to see if it would help my stomach-bloating, and then emitted humongous clouds of sulfurous methane soon afterwards, so I guess I "passed the test" with flying colors!
by QuacksO March 1, 2020
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