when a guy is hard and it shows through his trousers, he is 'tented' (or his trousers HAVE tented).
usually used to tease a mate, see example (2)
1 "oh my god man, you've tented - who you looking at?"
2 "mate, you saw her and your trousers just tented like that! haha"
by xenna September 4, 2009
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bulge a bulging of the crotch in males where the dick clearly shows from the result of an erection
Look, he has a large tent in his shorts!
by mE November 25, 2003
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When the erect penis causes containing fabrics such as underwear or bedsheets to be raised in a tent-like shape.
What're you looking at me like that for? I'm just tenting?
by Jeff Buckley December 17, 2007
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1.n. The plural for a kind of portable shelter

2.n. The plural for an obvious bulge in the crotch through fabric where an erection is produced, derived from the phrase "pitching a tent"

3.n. A kind of abbreviation for tentacle sex/rape, often used to describe a specific kind of porn
1. We slept in tents when we went camping.

2. Tents in public are generally frowned upon.

3. (On /d/, an image board on 4chan) Post more tents!
by BRW January 2, 2008
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Where the fly of pants/trousers bends up in the middle to form a "tent" shape that makes it look like you have a boner.
My mom thought I was touching myself when I was trying to stop my pants from tenting.
by bleepy March 9, 2004
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Japanese slang: When a fully clothed man has an erection, his friends may laugh, and some may call his organ a "tento mushi" (tent bug); others may also ask the below example with their tongue in their cheek.
"Oi, tento o hatteru" (Yo, you're setting up your tent)?
by Ai Tsujidou May 20, 2013
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Acting as if unsure what to do.

It can mean uncertain or even hesitant.
I was tentative about signing up for parachuting lessons.
by Moon Goat September 10, 2004
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