Possibly the worst type of lager beer I have ever tasted, yet due to the poor wages offered in Scotland, a drink that I was forced to drink. (Im not going as far as Buck's Fizz....) Tastes a little like Australian lagers, (Tooheys New and XXXX etc), but one gets the sense that they are taking the water for the brewing process directly from the Firth of Forth. Leaves a grainy taste in your mouth, and a large headache in the morning.
Scotland- the lucky country. Shit food, shit beer and shit wages.
by Akka April 20, 2005
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The challenge consists of having to drink four cans of Super Tennent's Lager in 4 minutes or under.

A right of passage for the young and practiced mainly with the under class.

The best way to get wrecked for under £6 - an opinion held by many!
mate, i've got a ten sheet, couple quid in my penny box time for The Tennent's Challenge?
by DforR March 27, 2013
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A wild school that’s filled with thots who think that they’re all that when irl they re just some side hoe and fuckboys who think that just because they throw up gang signs in pictures that they’re tough shit. The school is lowkey the worst thing on earth.
“William Tennent High School is terrible
by Chlorine xoxo October 30, 2017
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Located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, it is the public high school for the children of Warminster, Ivyland, and Southampton. Known to most as "Tennent", the school is attended by mostly tools and wannabe sluts.

Tennent is home to the William Tennent Panthers. Although most of the school's teams aren't very successful, the students and family show love and support at every event.

Nicknames: Tennent and White Trash High School (By those of other school districs).
"You goin' to Tennent (William Tennent High School) tonight for the game? Everyone's gonna be there!"
by Dr. Devitt October 23, 2011
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