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a childish expression that means thank you commonly used by immature young adults who haven't learned to properly express themselves
Tenks for the beautiful flowers! They truly brightened my day!
by eeeeemmmmmmm2 January 01, 2011
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The word 'tenk' is an adjective coming from the word 'tank' meaning well built or 'buff.' When said the 'en' sound is drawn out.. like 'tennnnkkk.' It is usually said to take the piss out of someone who isn't 'tenk' at all.
Rugby boy #1: Oh that hockey boy is sucha tenk.
Rugby boy #2: Oh yes I hear he can bench 2kg!

Girl: I'll fight you!
Boy: Don't scare me babe, you are quite the tenk!
by xhjx August 01, 2010
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tenk is used to describe something rubbish or crap.
Marie: "did you go to see that movie"
meggan: "yeah it was tenk as fuck like"
by meggie eggie February 03, 2008
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