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A fat boy who pretends that all of his fat is actually muscle when it clearly isn't. The boy does not necessarily have to play rugby but it is a bonus if they do. When saying it you should hand quote and even do a cheeky wink
Greg: "hey wanna see how buff I am?"
Susan: *hesitates* lol k
Greg *lifts up shirt and all his fat rolls start to spill out*
Susan: *gasps in disgust* holy shit you're such a "rugby boy"!!!!!
by Banton!x February 21, 2017
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Someone who is usually a homosexual human who likes to play the sport of rugby and grab the crotch in the “scrum”. Typically someone very large who thinks they are hard but really have sexual fantasies about their pe teacher.
Oi mate respect me I’m a rugby boy and I like other rugby boys
by HazzaSteesakaflagboy October 05, 2018
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A young male university student, usually but not neccessarily a rugby player. Often a rah with deep pockets. Hard drinkers and notorious womanizers, they have a reputation for spending more time at the pub than in lectures/class. Note that not all rugby players are rugby boys.
I've never seen rugby boys in the library before!
by Tomdidiot March 31, 2011
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