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The Canadian term for a fuckboy. They play hockey and wear khakis with their hats on their foreheads. A boy who plays hockey but isn't a fuckboy is a hockey kid, not a hockey boy.
"I'm a hockey kid, but I'm not a hockey boy. I respect women."
by dontyattmedale December 16, 2019
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hot guys that wear khakis and hockey sweatshirts they can win every girl over with the hockey hair. they are followed to games by girls who sit in the bleachers and pretend to understand the game just like to get noticed by them. the abs are gorgeous and there flirting is dangerous
me: hey i’m talking to someone
person: who?

me: some hockey boy
person: be careful
me: why?
person: hockey boys are m super hot and the hair is dangerous.
by puckslut123 February 07, 2019
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Fucking fuckboys all girls should avoid. At all costs. Flirting is dangerous. The hair can be magical, the abs are great, they’re hot, they’re great at flirting, and they’ll fuck You over like you ain’t shit, they’ve got other puck bunnies to fuck.
Girl: I just wish there was a nice hockey boy who was ACTUALLY NICE and not a dick after a week or a month.

Friend: me too but they don’t exist.

—3 days later—

Girl: I’m in love with the sweetest hockey boy ever he’s not like the other jackasses

Friend: give it time

—3 weeks later—

Girl: *buring pictures and cryin* HE WAS SO NICE THO

Friend: hate to say I told you so
by Pick bunny December 29, 2018
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Wears khakis, sperrys, hockey jackets, and have greasy flow. They wear trench coats, baseball caps and red scarves. Usually considered popular at school, always seen with their squad. Never by themselves. Fuck boys who think theyre sick!!!!
oh he's one of those fuckboy hockey boy guys
by SWAGyoLO January 19, 2015
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a hockey boy is either a 4'9" or 6'7" he's cool, and breaths oxygen. If he's not 4'9" or 6'7", then he's a fraud. Basically lives on the ice. His name would be Jackson, Jason, Justin, Joshua, Josh, Marco, Matthew, Max, Noah, Tyler, Donald, Daniel, Tristian, Christan, Cristian, Kyle, Adam, Carson, Greg, Owen, Diago, Harrison, Conner, Matteo, Griffen, Colen, and Anthony.
girl 1: Wow, he's cool.
girl 2: Yeah, he's a hockey boy.
by mike ox is a gabe itch January 31, 2020
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the literal best boys ever. they are so cute and have the best personalities. literally everyone wants to date them.
Claire - hey abby, did you see the cute hockey boys?
Abby - omg yes. they are literally so cute and when i talked to one of them, they were so nice and sweet.
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by maddie rae January 11, 2020
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