A boxing game for the NES. It became in instant classic and is still one of the NES's most famous titles.
I totally just knocked out that flamingo dude without taking a single blow in Punch Out!
by Quizznotik May 14, 2006
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greatest boxing game ever developed for the original nintendo

Hell Yeah!
by pascaL July 25, 2004
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Military slang; when abruptly and decisively aborting a mission or action; to eject out of an aircraft
We've been hit! We've been hit! Mayday, mayday we're going down. Punch out! Punch out!
by Mike T. Hardwarner August 23, 2007
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When you're taking a dump and there's an interruption so you have to stop mid-dump and wipe quickly.
I was taking a dump, then heard my favorite song on the radio so I had to quickly punch out.
by ziggymahoney July 24, 2012
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When a caller on XM Radio's most popular program, Opie and Anthony on XM202 The Virus, calls in to make a point then leaves abruptly. The caller says 'Punching out' to signify the end of their call.
"Hey b-b-b-boys. The power of Dice compels you, the power of Dice compels you...Punching out."
by grrr,everything's taken October 13, 2008
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hey I'm going to punch out than go to bed or did you just get done punching out?
by dirtybrad December 31, 2011
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