An incredibly small penis, often smaller than that of an infant's.
Guy 1: "Wow, I heard Henry Sick just got dumped."
Guy 2: "Yeah, his girlfriend was tired of his teenie-weenie. She told me if it was any smaller it'd be a clit."
Guy 1: "Yeah, I always pegged him for having a cock that would make a baby-carrot look like a blimp."
Guy 2: "Me too, I felt really bad for her so naturally I let her slurp my cock-monster as a condolence."
by JAManCode October 01, 2010
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this is a peepee that is very very very small, not a micro penis, but rather, a penis no woman wants.
Jenny unzipped the mans pants to find his teeny weenie, she then zipped them back up.
by r-sizzle. January 27, 2017
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For the last 40 years or so, a term that means something small, tiny. Can be used together with the word itsy-bitsy (see for example the song "Itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini").
Did you see that teeny-weeny skirt on her?
by Mefistofeles August 24, 2004
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is another word for small penis.
teeny = tiny
weeny = penis
"Haha, that looooser has a teeny weeny."
by maalqua February 17, 2021
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It is the smallest of dicks to ever be created by god.
I have a Teeny Weeny
by D0xy August 27, 2020
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What some of the authors of many of these definitions seem to have.
You can tell when someone has a teenie weenie (or the female equivalent: a shriveled clitoris or yet worse - a shriveled soul!) by the bitterness in their words. Sad.
by Princess H.B.I.C. September 22, 2011
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