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(verb) To become outgoing and talkative, even to go out for the occasional drink, after years as a reclusive hunchback.

Origin: The term was originally coined in the early 20th Century after somebody who used to drink their own tears at the hall of St Cuthbert was spotted in a local tavern, enjoying a drink with fellow men.
1. "I saw that ex-reclusive hunchback the other day," said Gary, "He's really tearsed it up. Nah, seriously, I'm not joking, he was in Jimmy Allen's tearsing it up large."

2. Councillor to recluse: "I hate to be so frank with you, but it seems this coming in at the end of dinner every day is getting out of hand. You really have to get your act together and tears it up."
by Corkin July 31, 2006
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