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(noun) One who looks constantly to nostalgia to save the day.
This word has been adopted by young culture in cities across the country. Regional slang synonyms include coconut boost and taleggio.
"Oh, I know!" exclaimed the nostalgist eagerly, "Remember Rosie and Jim?"
by Corkin July 31, 2006
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(noun) Word used to label a person who, often in an unfamiliar environment, trusts to his/her extensive knowledge of nostalgia when choosing a topic of conversation.
Origin: According to nostalgic legend, a coconut version of the famous Boost chocolate bar once graced confectionery shelves across the country.
Sometimes shortened to coboo.
See nostalgist and taleggio.
"Hey, guys, does anyone remember Count Duckula?" inquired the coconut boost.
by Corkin July 31, 2006
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(noun) A person who talks almost constantly about nostalgia. May also engage in nostalgic activities and/or buy nostalgic items. See coconut boost.
"Man, that guy is one hell of a taleggio."
by Corkin July 31, 2006
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An insulting exclamation aimed at a person over which one has triumphed.
"I'm better than you!" exclaimed Duncan, "Sap on!"
by Corkin July 30, 2006
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1. Kraemus (adjective): Anglo-Germanic term used to describe something inadequate or poor.
Origin: Originally used by tennis legend and pundit Boris Becker during analysis of a tennis match at Wimbledon.

2. Kraemus (noun): Anglo-Germanic word used in an English language context, meaning excrement. Has been adopted by English Becker fans.
1. McEnroe: "What do you think of that shot, Boris?"
Becker: "Nein, vee don't allow kraemus at Vimpledon."

2. "Yo, mate, I might be a while, I'm going for a kraemus."
by Corkin August 01, 2006
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Bellcreaser (noun): One who has creased their bell, or who has caused someone else's bell to crease (Brit slang). For full definition, see bellcrease.
"Argh, get off me you fucking bellcreaser!" exclaimed Nicholas.
by Corkin August 01, 2006
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(verb) To become outgoing and talkative, even to go out for the occasional drink, after years as a reclusive hunchback.

Origin: The term was originally coined in the early 20th Century after somebody who used to drink their own tears at the hall of St Cuthbert was spotted in a local tavern, enjoying a drink with fellow men.
1. "I saw that ex-reclusive hunchback the other day," said Gary, "He's really tearsed it up. Nah, seriously, I'm not joking, he was in Jimmy Allen's tearsing it up large."

2. Councillor to recluse: "I hate to be so frank with you, but it seems this coming in at the end of dinner every day is getting out of hand. You really have to get your act together and tears it up."
by Corkin July 31, 2006
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