3 definitions by Iolanda V

when something is amazing, cool, an old school way back, funny or otherwise totally worth remembering or mentioning.
Italian girl: 'holy did you see his civic?'
Greek-Italian girl: 'ya, it was classic'
by Iolanda V August 20, 2007
not classic, the opposite of classic and generally something that doesn't keep you in tears or lolz. A bummer word. It is common in the 905 area of Toronto.
gina: 'omg guys, that movie was brutal'
pasqua: 'ya, it was totally unclassic'
by Iolanda V August 20, 2007
when something is hilarious, worth remembering, laughing over, mentioning or otherwise is causing you to laugh. Used often by ginas.
gina: 'oh my god, that was so funny'
sugo: 'tears gina!'
by Iolanda V August 20, 2007