A small porous sack holding enough tea leaves to make an individual serving of tea.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
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1)An odd act performed by males at all-male sleepovers. It usually entails one of the men to place his scrotum on the face of the first guy to fall asleep. Pictures may be taken, but generally are not released out of respect for both parties involved.

2)The act of dipping one's scrotum into a females mouth repeatedly, usually after, or during oral. Usually performed while female is tonguing the scrotum.

3)A small paper pag containing ground tea leaf extract that when dipped into boiling water produces a (usually) sweet solution that may be consumed, we call it Tea.
1) Jerry fell asleep first, so Mark thought it would be funny to tea-bag him. Jerry never woke up and it produced a rather awkward situation which eventually led to us goign to bed in silence.

2) I was doing the nastiest, snagglepuss, hood rat bitch last night, and she wouldn't let me go anal, so I tea bagged her until she vomited, then went anal while she was leaning over the toilet.

3) My friends like to play with the tea bags before they place them in thier mugs.
by Keifer Jennings November 07, 2006
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To dunk your ball sack like a tea bag into the mouth of another person while they are lying down, prone, asleep or dead
Amar: Hey Kirby, I totally tea bagged that Columbian last night!
by kezzanezza June 04, 2010
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1.(v)- to place one's scrotum on another's forhead

2.(v)- To utterly defeat an opponent in a humiliating fashion. see pwn
1)That poor guy went to sleep on the couch at the party last night and got teabagged

2)I totally teabagged that guy in quake3
by Damoclese July 22, 2004
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'T.E.A.B.A.G' stands for Teach English And Bang Asian Girls. inspired by a website called tealit(teach english and live in taiwan) where actually loads of foreigners just come to taiwan, get in a cram school, earn easy buck, bang as many chick as they can and pay no respect to women. Ofcourse, not all foreigners are like that. But here we specifically mean the ones that come to taiwan only because they are not cool back home.
Watch out for that guy, he is a TEABAG. He just came to taiwan to teach english and get laid.
by rudy 2 shoes January 05, 2009
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In the game of Halo, the act of squatting up and down repeatedly over a master chief or elite character that you have just killed simulating placing your scrotum in their mouth.
After slaying Toxic Jet with my sword I proceeded to tea bag his ass.
by Blondie5150 October 23, 2008
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