V. - To bring shame and humiliation on a helpless opponent by repeatedly placing ones scrotum, or nuts in their face or mouth. Also can refer to any act which is intended to mimic this repeated scrotal contact.
Joe was crying tears of frustration and shame when I pistol whipped him and proceeded to teabag his fragged corpse until he respawned.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
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To dip someones balls on a another person's face, usually when their sleeping.
I teabagged strelok after he passed out last night. What a hermit!
by Magnester January 30, 2009
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When a man towers over a woman and his balls are in her mouth as she plays with it.
I tea bagged my g/f lastt night, man.
by Ritagal September 24, 2006
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To dip two habanero into your mouth holding each of them by the stem, before you eat them. A hot sensation will come upon your head. No matter how much you try to fabricate your face, people will see your pain.
I just tea bagged myself man...shit was hotter than Sade.
by MrTallyMon June 13, 2011
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a bag full of tea, what you make tea out of
jimmy dipped his teabag in his grandmothers cup of hot watter and made tea
by Towelie March 13, 2005
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to slap a penis, testicle or both onto a sleeping friends face without waking them. this is an art, which takes a long time to master correctly.

this can result in hillarity for the waken group


a very gay moment for the teabagee if they open their mouth trying to encompass both penis and testicle.

or both.
OMG David just teabagged ryan!
by Chode-inator August 09, 2010
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