a much older term for marijuana, made popular dating back from the 1930's. today it is considered obsolete and a great way to cover up what you're REALLY talking about.
"man, if i had some tea, i'd be in herbal heaven."
by showmethepath January 29, 2009
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Gossip, can be served hot. Cause for the common term, "spill it".
Friend: I heard Camila likes Josh, but so does Tamika.
Me: That's the tea, sis.
by SeeIKnowStuff October 30, 2018
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A nice beverage, Americans usually think British drink it all the time.
by Goingxirnfness May 2, 2016
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very juicy and tasty gossip
"girl you hear about that boy who got old girl pregnant?
"what girl no give me the tea"
by jezzybell December 8, 2013
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A british obsession

Us brits have more words for tea than eskimos have for snow.
Tea, char, brew, rosey, cuppa.... the list really is endless.
by black flag June 5, 2004
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