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a fancy way of saying extortion or getting something using force or threat.
Government: Taxation is the law, so give us money or be thrown in a cage.
by Truth Tree December 12, 2019

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The condition of google being unable to find any results for your search.
My search went Mollipeytrilipses on me.
by Truth Tree November 17, 2019

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A fake person.
Person1:Shelly's so cool.
Person2:Shes just putting on an act, she's a lipton.
by Truth Tree July 27, 2018

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an ugly or distastedul suit.
Man I can belive john wore that Catapillar suit to an interview.
by Truth Tree June 26, 2018

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A grade that wont allow you to pass a course.
person 1:Man I just got a gandalf grade
person 2: Can you get enough extra credit to pass?
person 1:No Its an F on a test that counts as 50% of my grade. It's definitely a gandalf grade.
by Truth Tree February 01, 2018

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When you do something cool or clutch in Minecraft, so you feel like your like the YouTuber Dream
Dude I just pulled a "Dream Move". I almost fell into the lava, but I placed a ladder on the way down and saved myself.
by Truth Tree January 07, 2021

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What people who have lived in Illinois for a while and find the state annoying call it.
I get tired of living in Illinoying.
by Truth Tree November 17, 2019

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