t.A.T.u. are a pop duo from Russia who made it big in 2003 with their outlandish and controversial lesbian-schoolgirl antics. The brain behind t.A.T.u. was one Ivan Shapovalov, a child psychologist who thought that the male population of the world would enjoy the fantasy that was t.A.T.u.

Okay, so t.A.T.u. have received a lot a shit from all those cynics out there, citing Lena and Julia as nothing but trendsbians, however the two never actually CLAIMED to be lesbians, simply in love with one another (I know, I'm nitpicking, but I don't care).

Furthermore, t.A.T.u. have been the biggest pop group ever really to address issues concerning homosexual relationships and the like, so I definitely think that they deserve their props.
Britney and Madonna were reduced to ripping off t.A.T.u. with THAT kiss at THOSE MTV VMAs a few years ago, when they snogged one another onstage.

A few people in the audience could've sworn they saw Madonna suck out Britney's soul.

Jack Black also said that Madonna didn't kiss Christina Aguilera as long as she did Britney, cuz of the dodgy looking scabs around Xtina's lips.
by Courtney April 8, 2005
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Correctly spelled as 't.A.T.u.' since they had to change their name because another act also had that name.

The pricise type of music they make is rather unclassifiable to me, drawing influences from genres like industrial rock, ambient and russian trance, combining that with sometimes soothing other times chaotic epic high female vocals. Using a wide range of instrumentsamples while sometimes relying on simple verse/chorus/verse/chorus structures also sometimes using immensely complex hard to crasp chaotic and outbursting epic structures.

t.A.T.u.'s reputation is that of 'lesbians', although they recently said that was not true. The question remains wether or not it was a commercial invention or a way to make same sex couples more accepted. As well: t.A.T.u. also messaged to make other somewhat sexually controversial activities seen as normal such as masturbation.


All t.A.T.u.'s English work is 4/4 messured. Melodies may differ from some simple 2 messure leads to ambient leads that can be 32 messures changing chord every 2 messures and chaotic industrial trance leads from 8-16 messures. The emotions differ from epic drama to semipsychological. The atmospheres are kept at a rather light level. The vocals are soothing or epicly chaotic. Respectively taking turns in singing from the two lead vocallists or making excellent usage from the fact that there are two lead vocallists singing lines in rapid succession and starting to sing before the other stopped singing. Harmonic complexity is mediocre and the heaviness of the melodies could be seen as easily accessible.
Me: I listen to tatu(t.A.T.u.) yes. It's the the best music there is but for popmusic the standard is unusually high and the style is unclassifiable, in a sense, they are the avant-garde of pop music.

Someone who listens to Ambient Black Metal and Dark Noise: Shut up, you don't know anything about music.
by amar van leeuwaarde January 28, 2006
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Two girls from Russia who had the greatest publicity stunt of all. Tho they are not lesbians they are one of the greatest bands.
Tatu is one of the greatest bands, there homeland is Russia.
by Spooks95 March 29, 2005
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Tatu is two girls (Yulia Volkavo & Lena Katina) from Russia, They had one of the Best Publicity Stunts- They pretented there were Lesbians. Tho they are Not,they are one of the best singing groups.
by Spooks95 March 30, 2005
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the best band ever and the sweetest girls you could ever meet i wonder if they are lesbians though?
Master cheife: did you see them t.a.t.u girls last night?

Ulyaoth: yes there music OWENS they have the most beautiful voices i ever herd

master cheife: damn right!!
by GLA andy911 April 20, 2004
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Moderately talented pop group that should stick to singing in Russian.
"Tatu was more successful in Russia."
by Anonymous July 3, 2003
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I wish I could have threesome with tatu!
by byte April 3, 2003
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