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Having completed the quest for or having achieved the callipygian ideal
Rick's brantipygian qualities made my chair seem to vibrate
by Roger Rabbit December 05, 2003

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an asshole, wait, no, THE ASSHOLE
That dude is chasloa
by roger rabbit February 23, 2005

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a strange kind of street urchin who isn't afraid of asking for a niall of randomn people most often like a chiz for money. also has caboose like a moose and for three shillings will do almost anything
you scoundrell you're more like a mipsie than a person
by roger rabbit December 17, 2003

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A Harry Potter looking entity
I didn't know harry Potter could play clarinet. Oh wait, its just Borseth
by Roger Rabbit December 13, 2004

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asspirate nickname for a faggot named tyler
sqad sucks dick on the shores of the pacific ocean
by roger rabbit February 22, 2005

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natalies sex partner
"hey there tate, hes heaps cool and has a large penis", "wow ur right"
by roger rabbit April 12, 2004

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