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Young Stray person , lashing out like a ninja somtimes .
Emptey 'lashed out' at -|Cr4zY|- VIP .
by Guest December 11, 2003
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big faggots that are gay and are stupid
shock unnamed,crow,screed,swift,imp,swift,format
by Guest June 4, 2003
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That feeling you get when you see, experience, read or hear something that causes you to die a little inside and/or lose more of what little innocense you have left.

Some people accuse others of soul rape when said others disagree with something they're produced. The idea being that they're expressing a part of themsevles and in saying that part of wrong, the others are harming them on a deep inner spirtual type of level.
I suffered a serious case of soul rape when I accidently stumbled upon porn of classic 80's cartoons.
by Guest August 26, 2005
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also SQUINTY in red letters
you suck at wolf ET
by Guest August 29, 2003
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To Be Weird,
Damn, this guy is Soo fukin lyne
by Guest August 19, 2003
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