An advertizing paradox. The best way to exacerbate the internet user against your product. One of the major mistakes of electronic communication. Doomed to disappear soon.
The only porn that turns me off is pop up porn...
by Ysengrim January 3, 2004
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The best exuse for watching porn.
"Billy!! What are you doing?!"
"Ma!! I swear it was a pop up!"
by sebastiancee October 28, 2007
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the one thing that makes me wanna kill. that makes me wanna grab the dudes nuts who invented it and rip them off with my teeth then stick a screw driver all the way in his urethra and force him to drink 5 gallons of water, straight up piss, vodka and soda. good luck peeing pop up faggot
i hate pop ups more than anything in the world. well theres a few things i hate more..
by urmomshott August 22, 2004
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once youve seen one pop up your in shit.

(stan)-damn a pop up
(bob)-damn your computers fucked i dont want to be your friend any more bye
(stan)- im gonna kill myself (bang bang)
by jason March 15, 2004
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Those browser windows that open automatically when I...I mean, when people in general used to look for porn online before you could get it on Kazaa and places like that.
I was so horny but I just kept getting flooded with pop ups!
by sugarbob April 27, 2003
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the most annoying thing ever on the internet.ever.
I would like to find the guy who invented pop-ups, and strangle him!
by komenda April 5, 2006
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