one of the greatest punk or any bands of all time. they revolutionized the flagging music of the 70's by turning two nations into punks and saving music from certain doom. london calling is the greatest album ever. rip joe strummer.
the clash rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by doby dan January 3, 2006
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1. They are The Clash.
by Katelin March 17, 2004
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An amazing band that influenced many bands that exist today. Considered part of the "punk" genre. NEVER SOLD OUT! Selling out is a stupid phrase used by idiots trying to sound like they know what they are talking about and are too good to like a band that has any fans. The Clash branched into many different genres with their music including reggae, jazz, disco, punk, rap, and just about anything you can imagine. R.I.P. Joe
Person 1: "OMG I'm so cool I hate the Clash those stupid sell-outs they actually sold a c.d!"
Person 2: "LIKE, I KNOW"
by clashcityrocker December 12, 2003
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The best punk band ever. No one can become greater than them.
by Atomic Chainsaw November 27, 2003
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the best fucking punk band along side the romanes and the sex pistols helped inspire op. ivy and rancid...not sellouts
best albums were self titled give um enough rope london clalling
by rob October 9, 2003
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