The spastic society changed their name to SCOPE. Scopes sit on top of sniper rifles, which point out targets. Hence, targets - spastics.

Also the fact that they cant run fast makes them easier targets
"Check out those targets"
by Azrepheal March 21, 2005
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A Corporate Scandal waiting to happen. A Company where the level ones took advantage of all the LOD's and took breaks when ever they wanted for as long as they wanted to. Also a company where level ones got STLs and LODs fired. Apparently because of some "stash" Or where weird initials would appear everywhere like.... EMG, BMB and CMS and the word OWWWWWWWW was a legacy. And breaking Merchandise/ Store property is a hard habit to break. And being Fett was cool.
Yea Fuck target that place sucks ass! STL Jerry is a fuckin red neck and LOD Rich is a fuckin FAG! Joette that head case bitch! STILL GOT THE COMPANY BY THE BALLS SINCE 2002!
by BOBOOOOO!!!!! October 26, 2004
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a bad place to pimp since you wont have a lot of luck.
kmart might be better or wallmart wall mart
by OnyxO September 04, 2004
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A place people go to to pay a little more to avoid Walmart
Friend: Lets go to Walmart
Me: no that place ghetto as shit, lets go to Target
by BilboSwagginz May 05, 2015
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Target is a real estate company in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Higuey, Dominican Republic.
Run by the most trusted people.
Target helps you get the very best properties in real estate.
by Luis Padua February 20, 2009
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I love target! i wish it was your mom, cause then i could have sex with it for free!
by Quagdingo October 27, 2009
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code word women use when they want to go to the bar with their friends, but keep it under the radar of SO's.
Wife:"Hey babe, Jenny's coming over."
Husband: "What are you guys gonna do?"
Wife: "Going to target. Be back in a few hours."
by Meshi April 10, 2016
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