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1. A mentally-impaired fish.
2. Referring to a person who is acting in a mentally-impaired manner.
1. That tardfish never stops swimming sideways.

2. Chris can be such a tardfish, we always refer to his Chris-isms and get a laugh.
by JaxML July 18, 2008
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1.A retarded fish.
2.Often used to describe a person acting in a stupid manner.
1. "A tardfish says 'Moo!'"
2. "Joe is dancing for the pigeons again. What a tardfish!"
by Dextra October 13, 2003
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a fish with a nose like an elephant can come out of the water but will shrivle up. So fun to play with and usually owned by Kayla Matteo! Also a tard fish can be a great friend to ANYONE! and it IS real in the waters of Japan! also is related to the retarded fish
I found a tard fish when i went to the beach in Japan.
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A fish with a large,round nose. and can only be found in japenease waters. When the fish is out of water it's nose shrinks down to mini size.
by Yow-man March 02, 2007
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