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Term used to describe the actions of a wingman, in which he entertains the unattractive friend(s) of a target female in order to allow his comrade to court the target female without distraction.
Hey man, I'm trying to holla at the chick in the red but she got 3 chicks with her. Can you come tapdance for me so I can talk to her?
by LenoSummus January 15, 2011
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Extremely cool. But very hard and some stuff quite fast. Didn't wanna put just hard and fast as it sounded inappropiate. Anyways it's very groovy and sounds awesome.
Person 1: So what do you think of tap dance?
Person 2: Well it's very groovy :)
by urbandancer14 January 25, 2012
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A slang term derived from the motion your feet when people shoot at your feet and you avoid the shots, it looks like your tapdancing
You gonna tapdance when you see my Mac-10
by AC March 13, 2004
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Gearhead's term for being quick on the clutch; minimizing the duration a vehicle's drive line is not receiving engine torque between shifts. I.e., to swap feet
Billy wound the Goat up and holeshot the far lane, tapdancing between gears like a monkey on amphetamines.
by ThreePedals December 16, 2003
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An attempt to tap the correct button on a touch-pad device without looking at it.
Rob: It takes me a minute to tapdance off the alarm on my iPhone in the morning...
by Jasper Ray April 13, 2009
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