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A bad bitch under cover! The life of every party.

A good friend and help when needed! LaShawndas are usually thicker than most women and won't get the attention they feel is needed or deserved! LaShawnda's are often very hot and usually don't get seen for who they really are! at the end of the day LaShawndas are the BEST friend or lover anyone could wish for
thick like nicki minaj but all real!! (plastic hoe)
cute like keri hilson but with out make up ( artificial hoe)
LaShawnda is sweeter than a swisher and thicker than a barbie
by Super_bass August 18, 2011
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Lashawnda's name stands for so much; she's sexy, she's a lover, she's wise, way more mature than most woman her age, she's the best cooker, she's beautiful, she's wifey material, she's a great fit for a mother, and most importantly she's a true gift from HEAVEN once she's apart of anyone's life and you get to know her true side... She's a person you can always count on, she loves very hard, she is very trustworthy, but she HATES to be betrayed by ANYBODY, And once you cross her she's the type that will NEVER look at you the same/she will even cut all ties with you... She's a freak, has a mean side, but mostly she has a goofy side to her that she can't help but show, and people just LOVES that about her. She's one of a kind, a blessing in disguise, but the REALIST friend etc. indeed.
Lashawnda I truly am happy to have you apart of my LIFE!

Lashawnda you are so down to Earth no wonder why people feel some type of way about you.

I just LOVE me some Lashawnda.
by NaturalAsCanBe June 19, 2017
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