An armoured vehicle, first invented by the British and possible also the French in WW1. To be a tank it must have tracks and a 360 degree rotatable fully enclosed turret.
The greatest tanks of the modern age are:
Challenger 2,
Leopard 2,
by VampiricRat July 10, 2008
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1. 1988 Dodge Caravan, that is always spotless, coolest ride in the valley.
2. total babe magnet.
3. "alternate" means of transportation
4."last" means of transportaion
5. unable to hit 80 mph if dropped out of a plane
by Mutley the dog January 02, 2000
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variant of thanks. Often used in situations involving puns.
Tanks a lot. That was really "punny".
by Bungalow Bill January 29, 2002
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A person who is extremely strong, square shoulders, not necessarily tall but makes up for it with leg power and strength. He's naturally built and also see the word manchild, as the "True Tank" has a goatee by the age of 14 or 15. Legs are huge, and has some real guns on him.
There are tanks usually found in sport. The typical tank comes from a physical game, like American Football, Ice Hockey, Australian Rules Football, and both codes of rugby but there is also the odd cricket player.
by TashAZ September 28, 2005
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Usually involved in MMORPG's or just MMO's a TANK is someone who is a melee specialist and is able to bear the brunt of an attack while holding the attacker at bay.
The Tera Kasi Artist was such a great tank that he was able to bring down the Krayt Dragon in Minutes.
by Jeff Wolf January 12, 2006
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Tank - (to be in the tank/ to tank somebody)

Being in the tank can be most closely described as sulking.

It is more accurately represented when a person usually of little moral character, strength or validity is upset, sad or unable to find joy because of something meaningless, trivial, relevant only to themselves or just plain stupid that has occurred that has caused them to sulk.

The resulting behavior from "being in the tank" usually manifests itself as inability to function even to perform the simplest of tasks, a concerted effort on the part of the sufferer to bring everyone around them down and a widespread lack of passion and enthusiasm.
John asked for a piece of candy from Adam, Adam said no and John was in the tank for hours just because he couldnt have some candy! (Grow up John)

Terry missed a few shots in practice and immediately was in the tank about it, because of this the whole team chemistry was fucked up. Get out of the tank Terry! Your ruining it for all of us! tanked.

Mary was acting way out of line last night so I shouted at her and put her in the tank, she deserved it. I tanked her.

I was trying to tank Hugo last over his poor ability to speak to women. i love tanking people.
by Mylo BaRD February 01, 2009
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