Possessing quickness of intellect, skill, dexterity, talent, or adroitness; expert.

you are tanim as a fox.
by blassd March 17, 2009
An Asian man, when in the presence of a naked woman, transforms into large werebeast and proceeds to fuck the shit out of that woman.
Person 1: "So, how was it last night?"

Person 2: "It was great, I turned into a real Tanimal last night!"

Person 1: "Dude...."
by @TheRealTanimal October 20, 2013
Has the biggest wood in the world and very smart
Oh shit, its Tanim
by JonSmitharoo December 13, 2021
The sexiest and richest of them all. The ultimate play boy.
Look at him, so wealthy and gets all the women, a textbook definition of a Tanim
by Approved by Oxford November 22, 2021
n. Someone who is addicted to tanning in any and all forms.
"Daniel looks like he's been hitting the booth all week. What a tanimal!"
by Kfunky October 27, 2006
Tanime is an example of anime which is produced in Thailand.
Have you watch the Tanime I suggested to you.
by Aston is my daddy February 22, 2018