army radio letters for "T. U." which means "tits up", or completely wordb0rk3d/word, usually suddenly and unexpectedly
I'd join you in a game of UT, but my vid card went tango uniform on me
by grashoppers January 17, 2003
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adj – slang: military phonetic alphabet for letters ‘t’ and ‘u’, used as euphemistic abbreviation for ‘tits up’.
etymology: from military aviation, where the flight attitude indicator on the aircraft instrument panel contained a miniature representation of an airplane which showed the flight attitude – climb, dive, bank; one style of the indicator was shaped with ‘v’ forms between the ‘dot’ – representing the fuselage (body) and the ‘dashes’ – representing the wings; (–v*v– see illus.) the ‘v’s were frequently referred to as ‘tits’; the term referred to the potentially hazardous inverted flight condition – ‘upside down’ – where the ‘tits’ would be seen as being ‘up’.
Don’t get ‘tango uniform’!”
by wurdman December 22, 2006
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Tango uniform means DEAD, plain and simple. How that long winded plane explanation that never even defined what phase was actually used to describe got top definition I'll never know. I mean the point was to give the definition of the phrase not the origin of the phrase.
He got separated from the squad and he was found tango uniform several hours later in the brush from a headshot.
by Æl November 20, 2015
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means "tits up" a variation of "belly up" ...modified and arranged according to the principles of "political correctedness" in the late eighties by officers of the united states armed forces....
Those Tango Uniform Girls are just...TANGO. (Tango Uniform is a crew of ladies loosely arranged around Louisville KY)
by Tango Uniform September 23, 2003
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red or black sexy clothes
I'm going to wear my tango uniform
by TGP March 28, 2005
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Short for "tits up". Meaning to be prostrate or rendered out of commission. Tango Uniform being the phonetic words used by the military to denote the letters "T" & "U"
"There was grandpa tango uniform on the front lawn..."
by David Martin Gibson October 18, 2007
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