Talia is a girl who can light up the whole room just By seeing her amazing smile and great sense of humor. Every boy who sees Talia stops, stares, and faints because they wish their girlfriend was as smart, beautiful, and smart as her. She is a sporty girl who has a lot of talent. She is an A+ student and has many friends. She welcomes people in her life with her outgoing sense of humor and down to earth personality. She has nice boobs and a gorgeous ass. When it comes to taking risk or needing advice, Talia is the girl to go to. You can go to Talia about everything and know she is a trustworthy person. She has a nice sense of style and knows how to work all the clothes she wears. She is very funny and laughs like the world depends on it. She has pretty hair and a gorgeous face and body. Any person who is able to even look at Talia from far away is lucky to. She can be shy for a minute in the first time you meet her, but trust me when you pass those two minutes you will be having a balloon fight with paint in it. Talia is the girl you can trust, talk to, and be crazy around because trust me she is a keeper.
That girl was such a talia, I want her to be my best friend.
by lilly September 20, 2014
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a girl who can make anyone laugh. she has many friends and always tries to be nice to everyone she meets. generally petite with a beautiful smile and doesn't need makeup to be beautiful. makes a great loyal girlfriend who is always there for you. she is committed and would do anything for her best friend or boyfriend. she is insecure and loves compliments. if you meet a talia never let her go
Boy #1- Hey who's that girl she's so pretty and nice
Boy #2- oh she's talia
by bigbootybitches123 February 12, 2013
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damn that sexy beast did me up the ass and i jazzed all over ...js i love u btw
when does my bum stop hurting talia
by i am up the bum May 22, 2011
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A selfish bitch who deserves nothing yet gets everything she wants. She is a fuckin blabber mouth and she ruins everyones lives
Person 1: Talia just made me feel like shit
Person 2: OMG I know right she just told everyone my secret and now i'm being bullied
by dayumgirlll April 09, 2015
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talia b is a dim ugly weird bitch that has a back fatter then her own ass her back also throws up gang signs talia is a big fucking slutt and she likes to sleep with her "friends" baby daddys because shes a sad sad dizzy dim thottie cunt, god gave this pig a mouth to suck dick not to speak she didnt follow the rules i guess......
plz dont be this sad of a thot like talia
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most annoying girl out, ugly and loves people called Skye!!!!
person 1: hi im talia
person 2: ughhh its you again
person 1: wheres Skye i love her
by ilovenetball June 02, 2020
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