An American football term for when the quarterback drops to one knee immediately after receiving the snap, thus automatically ending the play.

The use of taking a knee comes only near the end of a game when your team is in possession of the ball and holds a narrow lead (by a touchdown or less). If you execute a run or pass play, you risk turning the ball over and allowing the opposing team to gain possession and a chance to score. By taking a knee, you are able to run down the clock without putting the ball at risk.

A boring, if strategically important, play.
Coach: John, listen - we got 5 seconds remaining, pass the ball to Porter, Porter - you'll take a knee and end this game.

Players: Goooooooooooo........ Tigers!
by BrooksMarlin August 31, 2006
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Nikki: I'm stuffed from this buffet. I'm taking a knee then going back for dessert!
Jenz: Great idea Nikki Niner, you are sooooo smart, and accurate too!
by Nikki Niner May 10, 2005
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To get down on one knee to suck a mans penis. It may also refer to taking two knees, for if reciever lasts longer than 15 seconds.
Norman was being a real dick on friday so i told him to take a knee and smile like a donut
by C-lub Ndawg September 19, 2006
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Verb. To urinate through the opening of your shorts at the knee, without removing your shorts.
Bob: Man! I really gotta take a piss, but there's nowhere to go!!
Samwise: Just go around the corner and take a knee.
Bob: Wow! Great idea! Good thing I'm wearing shorts today!
by MadHat December 18, 2004
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The act of kneeling down on one knee while pointing a finger towards the sky and pounding an alcoholic beverage of choice. The taking of knees can be passed out between comrades drinking, however once you command the taking of a knee the person taking the knee is free to return the favor. "Knees" are taken for many reasons including to get drunk, to celebrate, or as competition.
Mike to Ryan (who has a freshly opened beer)- "Ryan take a knee"

Ryan- kneels to the ground points his finger towards the heavens and pounds his beer.
by rock90 January 4, 2008
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"Take a Knee", heretofore called TAK. This term comes from American Football. Should you f**k up during practice or worse, during a game, the coach tells you TAK. I first heard this term in 1985, though I believe it originated from an earlier date.
Coach Says: Miss your read...TAK. Miss your block...TAK. Miss your hole...TAK.
Ex: John Doe! Get your blocks or you're taking a knee.
Ex: Jesus Freakin' Christ... that ball fell right through your hands, Take a Knee.
by ElCompaDelChuco April 1, 2007
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To throw up due to the over consuption of alcohol.
Dude, he got really drunk and took a knee.
by Nick November 18, 2004
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