10 definitions by C-lub Ndawg

singular- cooler

One solid alcoholic beverage that contains .5% alchol. This beverage is the biggest wankster drink ever. Commonly sold at such stores as IGA, this drink is the best wannabe drink of all time.
"Hey dude, this poop is getting boring, lets hop on over to IGA and get coolers!"

"oya once"
by C-lub Ndawg January 08, 2005
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A solid insult that no come-back can ever afford to combat.
"Yo man, you white as white itself!"
"you pin!"
"flip son! You owned me there!"
by C-lub Ndawg January 06, 2005
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From the streets of Wellesley comes “oya once” There are a lot of Mennonites to throw once at the end of everything they say. This term can be used as a solid converation starter saying "oya oya" all the chicks dig it too.
"Oya oya"
"marry me!"

"hay, did you hear about how awsome Grade 11 comm tech is?"
"oya once"
by C-lub Ndawg January 05, 2005
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Someone who's mom is a trucker. It is a low-blow to the other person's moms ability to nail a good job. A trucker is a job for wanksters with no socail abilities at all.
"yo man Im gonna bust a cap"
"you mother trucker, your white trish"
by C-lub Ndawg January 11, 2005
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1 (verb) To pinch someones nipple really hard then twist untill the victim starts screaming for their mother

2 (noun) The result of a purple nerple. Just like the word says, your nipple turns purple
"yo man you a peice of peice im gonna give you a purple nerple"
"not the nipples!..... OOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!"
by C-lub Ndawg January 08, 2005
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An expression used for showing how impressed you are at something. This can be used when you are reffering to something that is very sweet
"yo yo homie what'cha think of Fat Albert?"
"'twas solid"
by C-lub Ndawg January 08, 2005
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